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Online Complaint Form

I hereby request an investigation of

1. State below the specific details of what the judge did that you think constitutes misconduct or indicates disability.
2. Did you have a case before this judge?
  If yes, is the case still pending?
When and where did the ethical misconduct occur?
4. If your complaint arose from a court case, please provide the following information:
  Plaintiff's Information:
  Attorney’s information (Plaintiff):
    Defendant's Information:
  Attorney’s information (Defendant):
    Additional Attorney’s Information:
What type of case gives rise to this complaint? Please check one.
How are you interested in the case?


7. Identify, if possible, any other witnesses to the judge's conduct: (example: reporters, bailiffs,clerks, court reporters, law enforcement officers, or other attorneys, plaintiffs, defendants, or witnesses that were present at the time).
Note: State law provides that the judicial discipline & disability commission's proceedings on this request for investigation are confidential filing a complaint is not a substitute for appeal and has no effect on your legal or appellate rights. The appellate process is subject to strict deadlines and you should immediately obtain legal advice about your appellate remedies.

I request that the above complaint, supported by the Statement of Facts, be investigated by the Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission and that appropriate action be taken.

I hereby swear or affirm that the above information is true and correct.



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