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Governonr's Office of Community and Faith - Based Initiatives

Technical Assistance
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Arkansas Division of Volunteerism
Arkansas’ Department of Human Services Division of Volunteerism (DOV), the oldest state office of volunteerism in the nation, strives to promote the faith-based and community initiative centers through capacity-building in these organizations. Capacity-building is accomplished through technical assistance and training and by assistance provided by area representatives.

Arkansas’ Department of Human Services Division of Volunteerism
White House Guidance to Faith-Based and Community Organizations on
Partnering with the Federal Government.
Charitable Choice Handbook for Ministry Leaders
Top Ten Tips for Faith-Based Organizations
MidSOUTH - MidSOUTH is the community service unit of the UALR School of Social Work. MidSOUTH provides leadership, training, and product support in the areas of addiction, child welfare, technology, distance learning, and organizational development. MidSOUTH has five training locations across the state. For more information about MidSOUTH's programs and services, please explore this website or call (501)569-3067.