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ESD/DWS Legacy Project Advisory Committee Profile

Ms. Sharon Robinette, Retired
  • Began with Local Services in 1977
  • Transitioned to ESD in 1980
  • Worked in numerous areas of ESD; most recent area was Special Projects
  • Retired in 2006
Mr. Arthur Montgomery, Retired
  • Has always been based out of Batesville
  • Retired in 2006
Ms. Jessie Cain
  • Began with ESD in 1977
  • Has worked in local offices as well as the central office
Mr. Freddie Jacobs, Central Office-EO Director
  • Began in 1977 out of Magnolia, AR
  • Has been an EO Officer for 32 years. (Possibly the longest term recorded in United States history)
  • Retired in June 2010
Mr. Al Crumby, Retired
  • Began working in 1973
  • Worked with the Labor Market Information Department
  • Began as a statistician intern and became Director by the end of his tenure
  • Retired in February 2008
Ms. Carolyn Washington, Director's Office
  • Stated that she has "...worked in the Director's Office for a couple of decades."
Mr. Skeet Morse
  • Began working in August 1970
  • Worked with Special Projects
  • Based out of Conway, AR
  • Serves as Area Operations Coordinator
Mr. Dennis Veach
  • Began working in May of 1976 (Through an "Emergency Appointment")
  • Supervisor of UI (worked on several projects)
  • Transitioned into a managerial position
Ms. Carolyn Maestri
  • Began working in 1975 in Fort Smith, Arkansas
  • Transferred to Mountain Home
  • Retired in 2010
Ms. Kay Lewis
  • Manager of Agency Training Program
  • Retired in December 2009
Mr. Fred Jackson
  • Began working in 1970 in Hot Springs (Transferred to Mena, Pine Bluff, and Malvern)
  • Serves as Area Operations Coordinator in Malvern
  • Has served for almost 40 years

Mr. Cecil Malone, Retired

Ms. Albessie Thompson, Retired

Ms. Dorothy Oliver, Retired- working part-time in Pine Bluff

Ms. Kimberly Friedman, Communications Director, Department of Workforce Services