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The Evolution of Arkansas' Employment Security Division

1933-1935 - The Arkansas Employment Security Department (AESD) began when Congress passed the "New Deal" in 1933. The law was called the Wagner-Peyser Act. Arkansas adopted the law as ACT 173 OF 1935.

1937- Act 155 of 1937 created AESD's predecessor, the Division of the Arkansas State Department of Labor. There were 12 statewide local offices known as National Re-employment Services Local Offices.

1941-1987 - In 1941, Act 391 created the Employment Security Law in statute form. The Arkansas Employment Security Division of the State Department of Labor was also created. The Employment Security Law remained in statute form until 1987 when Act 753 codified it.

1981 - The Division of Employment Development was consolidated into the Employment Security Division by Governor's proclamation in October 1981. (Henry McHenry, ESD Director; William Everett, DOL Director; Governor Frank White)

1983 - The Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) program was replaced with the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA), which AESD continued to administer until July 2000 when the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) replaced the JTPA. (Henry McHenry, ESD Director; Dewey D. Stiles, DOL Director; Bill Clinton, Governor)

1991 - Act 100 removed the Employment Security Division from the State Department of Labor and created the Employment Security Department. (Bill Gaddy, ESD Director; James Salkeld, DOL Director)

2000 - AESD's mission remained essentially the same, to provide employment related services that enhanced the economic stability of Arkansas. (Ed Rolle, ESD Director; James Salkeld, DOL Director)