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Fred McKinney

Fred Mckinney was Arkansas' ninth director of the Employment Security Division, serving from February 1, 1967, until December 7, 1967. McKinney was the first of four Rockefeller appointments to the Employment Security Division, and like his successors, he would remain in the office less than 18 months. Bill Laney was director of Labor during Fred McKinney's tenure.

Director McKinney, born in Texarkana, Arkansas, was an assistant state director in the Rockefeller/Britt gubernatorial campaign. He was in the Army Air Corps, and served in Europe on two tours of duty, with the Strategic Air Command from 1949-1962. He served two years in the Air Force Command Post in the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., retiring in 1966, as a Colonel.

Governor Winthrop Rockefeller and his administration were revolutionary in many ways. Most memorable was the Governor's role in integrating sate agencies and commissions - a first for the state of Arkansas. It was during the Rockefeller era that changes in the racial makeup of many local offices took place.

Rockefeller is also credited with cleaning up the operation of the state's various regulatory agencies and commissions; including an attempt to reform the state's prison system by ending the heinous human abuses. Rockefeller solidly won reelection in 1968.