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Purifoy Gill

Purifoy Gill, was Arkansas' fourth director of the Employment Security Division. He was appointed by Governor Benjamin Laney, Jr. Director Gill served from May 1945 until January 1949, which also marked the end of Laney's gubernatorial term. Arkansas' Director of the Department of Labor during that time was M.E. Goss.

Governor Benjamin Travis Laney Jr. served two terms as governor of Arkansas. His most notable achievement was the state's 1945 Revenue Stabilization Law, which prohibited deficit spending.

He was mayor of Camden (Ouachita County) from 1935 to 1939 and a member of the Arkansas Penitentiary Board from 1941 to 1944. It was his campaign work for John L. McClellan's 1942 U.S. Senate bid, however, that would serve him best during his political career.

A relative unknown when he ran for the 1944 Democratic gubernatorial nomination, he had the support of conservative business and financial interests. His reputation as an efficient businessman and proponent of economic development, earned him the nickname "Business Ben."