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Luke Arnett

Luke Arnett was Arkansas' seventh Employment Security Division Director, serving from December 6, 1954 until May 13, 1955. Arnett was appointed by Governor Francis Adam Cherry. The director of the Department of Labor at that time was C.R. Thornbough. Director Arnett would later serve as general counsel for the Employment Security Division.

Governor Frances Cherry was a Texas-born lawyer who entered politics as a virtual novice, but won against the incumbent Carl Bailey with brilliant marketing that centered around a series of special radio "talkathons," including one that lasted twenty-four hours, and the other, lasting at least three hours. Arnett's use of radio was the most novel in Arkansas political history. While Cherry finished second behind McMath in the primary election; he was, then, endorsed by every other candidate, and won the runoff by a margin of over 100,000 votes.