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The Chiropractic Board is empowered by law to enact, interpret, and apply rules and regulations governing the conduct of individuals licensed under the State of Arkansas Chiropractic Practice Act.

Any person or legal entity may file a complaint or report a violation to the board. Such complaints should be in writing (along with the ASBCE Uniform Complaint Form), and should state facts, which indicate possible misconduct by the licensee. The board may act on its own initiative if evidence of misconduct comes to the attention of the board.

When filing a complaint give full details, which should include facts, details, and dates. Attach all billing document records, correspondence and contracts.

Upon receiving a complaint a copy is forwarded to the Board Investigation Committee.

If the doctor is licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners a letter is mailed to the doctor along with a copy of the complaint requesting a response within ten days. Upon receiving a letter of response from the doctor the investigation committee determine whether further investigation is warranted or whether an informal disposition may be attempted by settlement, consent, agreement, or for lack of sufficient probable cause.

Upon completion of an investigation, the Board investigation committee determines whether a disciplinary hearing should be scheduled to resolve the issue.

The licensee has a right to a fair hearing. Procedures, which protect the licensee's rights, while allowing the board to conscientiously enforce its rules, are essential to an effective disciplinary environment.

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