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No! You only need this to enter or update service information in the system.  All accounts are free to service providers who qualify (nonprofit, government, educational, etc.).

Yes! Just click here: s-p-survey.htm

If an agency is taking responsibility for keeping its own information up-to-date, then you will see:
Data Maintained: Yes

If you see anything else, such as "by an administrator", or if you don't see that field when you are looking at an organization's information, that means volunteers have entered that information, and they have gotten it either from a public source or from an agency that does not have Internet access, or is not ready to do the data entry.

Sorry, but the answer is "no". It is extremely difficult and time-consuming to get other people's databases to "match" with ARIC, and since we don't have any staff or funding, this is just impossible. When we have done that in the past, it has also created lots of duplicates, so it's just not feasible anymore.

To enter your database, you *can* get an account set up to do multiple data entries. Then you search to find out if the organization is already in the database and add to / update it if it is. Only if it is *not* there do we create a new entry.

Some of these records, especially those that you see listed in ALL CAPS, were imported from other databases to help us fill out ARIC. We don't have the money or staff to contact all of these groups (yet!), so they may not even know we exist. Or they may not have responded to our requests for more information. If you need information from one of these groups, PLEASE contact them and let them know about ARIC!

1st, do your search, and you'll get a list of of programs returned to you. To the left of these, there is a check box. At the bottom of the page, there is a box that says: "Click here to print all records". Click in there with your mouse, and each program will be selected. Then choose the box that says: "Print selected records to screen / send e-mail".

You'll then get a page with all of the information you need, and you can print that in the normal way through your browser.

You can only delete records if you have medium or full level access. If you do, then search for the record, then put a check in the box to the left of it, then hit "Print selected records to screen / send e-mail". You'll then see edit and delete buttons under the record. Be very careful with this!

No. If the data was originally imported from another database, you will see no ID beside the record when you look at it. However, this is not being done anymore, so any new editing or entries will have an ID and time stamp within them.

Anyone may contact the following:

If you are with DCFS, contact: Nita Brooks at

If you are within the Aging Services Community, please contact: Ed Merck at or Betty French at

If you are anywhere in Arkansas, please contact Jim Boyd at

Write to any of the above contact people, and they can speak with the other partners to take immediate corrective action! We rely on everyone to "police" the site, so please do make contact with us!!

The Information Network of Arkansas has done all of the database / web interface programming for us, and they host the site for free. 

It is physically residing at INA, in Little Rock. It's an Informix database.

ARIC is not an official entity of any kind, but a collaboration of many agencies, organizations, and individuals. It's run on a day to day basis by the partners involved. So, though no one is technically paid as ARIC staff, lots of people devote their time and energies to the project - some at their jobs, and some as volunteers - many as both! We would love to find funding for a paid Project Coordinator, but no one has the time to work on this right now. Wish us luck!

Use only a "keyword" when you search in Organization Name. Unless you know exactly how it was entered into the database, typing in what you think would be the name may not get you the return you want.

For example: If you are looking for the Arkansas Department of Health, just type in the word "health" in the Organization Name query line, possibly adding Little Rock to the city name to narrow your search. Why do this? Because the actual entry could be:

The Arkansas Department of Health
Arkansas Dept. Of Health
Health Department

Typing "Health" would find this organization, no matter how the entry was made!

For help on how to use ARIC at any time, go to the FAQ page or Contact Us! Please do not write to us for referral or service information, as we do not have the ability to answer you on such questions... for those, see the appropriate service organization. To return to ARIC's Main Page, click here!