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Arkansas Development Finance Authority

Crop and Livestock Loan Program


Financial assistance for 4-H, FFA & YEA members


Crop and Livestock Loan Program

ADFA will guarantee 50% of a loan made to a 4-H (head, heart, hands and health), FFA (Future Farmers of America) or YEA (Youth Enterprise in Agriculture) member to finance a supervised project for a period of two years.

The quality of life in our nation and the world depends on agriculture. And the future of agriculture is in the hands of our youth. To ensure adequate production of food and fiber to meet future needs, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) believes we should protect and provide help for a valuable resource – the rural youth of Arkansas.

The Crop and Livestock Loan Program offered by ADFA provides financial benefits to Arkansas youth who undertake crop or livestock production projects or provide lawn care services. Program benefits are available to 4-H, FFA and YEA members who borrow money from a commercial lender to finance their projects.

Participation in 4-H, FFA or YEA activities provides valuable benefits for youth in such areas as:

Responsibility – Projects are handled from start to finish by the youth. Care must be taken to make the project successful and profitable.

Experience – Working with livestock crops and lawn care services gives the youth a true ideal of what is involved in a farming operation.

Education – The youth learns the techniques of budgeting, marketing, bookkeeping and financial responsibility through a supervised project.

Self-Satisfaction – Completion of the project brings a feeling of pride to the youth in knowing he/she has completed a successful business venture.


For purposes of this program, the use of loan proceeds are limited to the purchase of livestock, feed, seed, fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, fuel, lawn mowers, trimmers, mulchers, leaf blowers, mower trailers, sprayers, fertilizer applicators and other miscellaneous out-of-pocket expenses directly related to the project. Up to 25% of the loan may be used to purchase livestock equipment necessary for the successful completion of the project. Examples: feeders, waterers, head gates, farrowing crates, etc.

Loan Requirements:

The maximum amount ADFA will guarantee is determined by the borrower’s age:

Ages: 8-13 - $1,500

Ages: 14-21 - $3,000

For more information about the ADFA Crop and Livestock Loan Program write to or call:


Joyce Hutchinson
ADFA Agricultural Division
P.O. Box 8023
Little Rock, AR 72203




Have you had a previous Crop and Livestock loan? Yes__ No __

Name of Applicant__________________________________________________________ Male ____ Female ____

Address ___________________________________City___________________County___________Zip___________

Social Security Number___________________________ Phone_______________ Age______ Birthdate____________

Name of Parent or Guardian _________________________________________________________________________

Name of VO-AG Instructor ________________________________________School____________________________

Name of 4-H, FFA or YEA Advisor/Leader ______________________________________________Phone#___________________________


Purpose of Loan? ________________________________________________________________________________

Proposed Method of Repayment? ____________________________________________________________________

Borower’sSignature _________________________________

Parent or Guardian:

I hereby certify that I am parent or guardian of the applicant. I further certify that I will co-sign any and all necessary securing documents and/or papers which the lender may require, thereby becoming liable for the unpaid balance of this loan in the event of default.



University Extension Personnel (4-H Only)

I certify that the appliant is an active member of the _______________________________________________ 4-H Club.



FFA, 4-H or YEA Advisor/Project Leader

I agree to aid and advise the applicant in the pursuit of the project and to give ample field supervision of same. I agree further to advise the lender should the project, at any time, seem in danger of failure.



Lender retains application with bank documents

Name of Lender____________________________________ Address_______________________________________

Date of loan____________________ Amount approved____________________Interest rate_____________________

Guaranty will be invalid if copies of promissory note, security agreement and filing statement are not included with this application. Loans not co-signed will not be guaranteed.

Name___________________________________________ Signature_______________________________________

Title_____________________________________________Phone____________________ Date_________________

Only applications received within 60 days of loan date will be accepted.