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Fee Schedule

Expense Fees:
*Application Packet (directly from Board office) $ 20.00+SH
*Application Packet from web No Charge
*Application (Separate Charge from Packet) $200.00
Examination Fees:  

NCE Examination - pay to


NCMHCE Examination - pay to


AMFTRB Examination - pay to

File Copy Charge (allow three weeks) $ 30.00+SH
Test Score-Official Copy $ 15.00
Per Sheet Copy Charge ($5.00 minimum) $ .50+SH
Lists (alphabetical or zip code order) name and address $ 40.00 +SH
Labels (alphabetical or zip code order) name and address $ 80.00 +SH
Disc (alphabetical or zip code order) name and address $ 50.00 + SH
Returned Check Charge $ 50.00
Professional Association (CORPORATE-PA) Application $ 25.00

Corporate annual renewal December 31 each year

$ 10.00
Replacement ACA Code of Ethics book $ 10.00 +SH
Replacement AAMFT Code of Ethics $ 5.00
Replacement Identification Card $ 5.00
Replacement License $ 25.00
Application File Maintenance - Fee for each application extension beyond first 12 months $ 50.00
Transcript Review prior to Application filing $25.00
License Verification $1.00 per name
Return mail-remail cost when licensee fails to send address change - Rule 8.3(d) $ 5.00
License Fees:
Initial licensing fee is prorated based on the biennial fee, according to the number of months licensed, one time only, beginning July 1 of the fiscal year of license issue.
Biennial license renewal-Associates (LAC/LAMFT) $250.00
Biennial license renewal-Professionals (LPC/LMFT) $300.00
Late renewal fee July 1 to December 1 $100.00
Late renewal fee December 2 to June 30 $200.00
Change from LAC to LPC or LAMFT to LMFT option $100.00
Specialization License Application Fee $50.00
Non-Practicing Status Fee for license renewal per license $100.00
Non-Practicing to Practicing Status change fee per license $100.00
Prorated license fee-determined from Non Practicing to Practicing Status approved change date.
Specialization Application fee (one time fee, renewal based on generic license renewal)
*One fee if applying for both LAC/LPC and LAMFT/LMFT at the same time

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